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I would like to introduce myself. I'm Cynthia Fridsma of Refri Software. ReFri software is a small company in Amsterdam. Our main activities are related to software development.

How can I be at your service?

PHP web applications

I am the lead developer of Horizon QCMS, a user friendly open-source content management System.

  • Each application is programmed according to the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming Oriented Programming) principle in combination with a MVC.

    Each application will work on any PHP5 platform. CSS, Javascript and HTML codes are strictly separated. The advantage for you is that a designer can work on the layout of your website, without having to worry about PHP code.

  • A good example is Horizon QCMS that you can download via our sourceforge webpage :

  • More info about our flagship Horizon QCMS can be found under the section "PHP", "Horizon QCMS".


  • We can design a website for you for  € 450.-

Internet domains and hosting

  • We can arrange an Internet domain and web hosting for € 45.- per year excl VAT.

PHP Workshop

  • Because of my experience as a freelance PHP teacher, I can teach you how to program in PHP. You'll learn all about OOP, XML, RSS, etc. I can also arrange a special PHP workshop for your business needs.

Multimedia applications

  • A multimedia application is a combination of various media such as videos, photos and audio. You can compare it to a computer game because all the interactivity that you will find in a game is also present in a multimedia application. For your business, you can think of interactive courses, manuals, brochures, etc.

Flash applications

  • We can also create a flash application of each multimedia application.


  • We can create HTML5 presentations for you.

Freelance projects

  • You can contact us for short and long-term projects.
signed by Cynthia Fridsma